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Photo Gallery

Soon after teaming with Ti for hustles at a pitch-and-putt course, Lee Trevino won the 1968 U.S. Open

After the Rothstein trial, Ti found it harder to keep a low profile.

The first World Series of Poker: Host Benny Binion (center, in cowboy hat) had his left hand on Ti’s shoulder.


Rogers, Arkansas in the year Alvin left home to seek his fortune. Most Americans still lived on farms or in small towns, and the average workingman earned $750 a year.

Arnold “the Brain” Rothstein, the crime boss who fixed the 1919 “Black Sox” World Series—and fell afoul of Titanic nine years later.

Titanic backed touring pro Raymond Floyd in a “secretly famous” money match against Trevino.

Titanic in New York, walking to court for the “Crime of the Century” murder trial in 1928.

Even on trial for murder, huddling with his lawyer, George "Hump" McManus kept smiling.